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Usain Bolt: Will Someone ever come again!

Usain Bolt_Noone will come like him

No place remains empty. Someone comes to fill the gap. This is the rule of the world. Is that?

Rules! It is also an exception to the rule. Here it is lying on the face! I cannot even imagine thinking of Usain Bolt, and nobody will ever come back like Usain Bolt. sports news

Prior to Bolt, a male Sprinter did not win the Sprint Double twice, not two gold at 200 meters. Bolt has won three times. sports news

No one won 100 and 200 meters, and the relay ‘Triple’ more than onetime in life. Bolt has won three times.

Nobody has won more Sprint Double at the Olympics and World Championships. But Bolt won six times.

Really no one will come again ever like Usain Bolt. sports news

Now the question is what will be his next career. He is a successful legend athletic ever. Someone like Usain Bolt will hardly be seen on the track. But is it posible? Upcoming future will show us is it possible or not?

Usain Bolt played cricket and football before athletic life.Despite being ‘King of Sprint’, he remained in the tension for football. He desire to play for Manchester United,

But on the other hand from Cricket World Virat Kohli has kept the invitation of cricket for him. ‘If you want to play cricket then you can join.’

As everyone knows about Virat Kohli very well. He is another legend player of Cricket World. But the question still remains, how can An athletic legend adjust to a new world. But when it is Usain Bolt, anything can be possible.

Bolt ends in World Athletics championship in London that started on Friday.

India’s cricket captain Kohli wrote, “Your last race on the professional track, it does not matter. Usain Bolt is the fastest-forever on track.”

“If you ever want to play cricket, contact me.”Tweeted by Jamaican Sprinter, ‘Thanks Champs’


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