Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Bolt’s evidence for hamstring injury


He never debated. He keeps himself away from the dope always. He is considered to be a symbol of purity.

If someone is susceptible to the injury of the Usain Bolt or whether some have expressed doubt, is it easy to take for Jamaican legend! As a proof of his hamstring injury, he has given X-ray plate in social media!

On the last day of the London World Athletics Championship, at the last moment of 4 ^ 100 meters he got his hamstring injury. Still did try to finish the race but in vein.

Bolt has been in London for a few days after the end of the World Championship. Regularly went to the party at night. That is why the question arose about his injury. Bolt was lagged behind in the last leg. The protesters said that he was so lagged that he had no chance of winning. Jamaican sprinter pretends to get rid of his failure!

On Thursday, Bolt’s posted X-ray plate on twitter and said something about his injury. The injuries in the left foot muscles are obvious. In the post, the Sprint King wrote two lines,

‘Generally I will never bring my medical report publicly. But I have to do it for questioning about my injury. “He said he would have to be rehabilitated for three months in order to be fully fit for his injury. After that Bolt deleted the post from Twitter.

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